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Varun is an intense blogger who loves to write about business, technology, social media. He hates to sit idle and is deeply-rooted in the complex web of SEO and Internet entrepreneurship.

  • Rajput group wants Sanjay Leela Bhansali to change ‘Padmavati’ movie title

    The Rajput Karni Sena, which had assaulted filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali on Friday, now wants him to change the name of his under-production movie Padmavati. Its members also want a screening committee – headed by a retired judge and comprising historians as members – to be formed to appraise the film before it is released, […]

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  • gym

    Gym mistakes to pull you off from your goal

    Gym mistakes which can pull you off from your goal and these are very common which are hidden from our eyes. Lets have look…….!!! 1.Not Maintaining A Workout Diary “What gets measured gets improved” If you can’t remember how many plates you actually put on barbell in the last workout, how will you challenge yourself […]

  • Actor Om Puri Dies After Suffering A Heart Attack

    Om Puri has died of a heart attack at the age of 66 – a sudden loss of one of Indian cinema’s most gifted actors, whose roles raged from raging intensity to side-splitting comedy. Born in Ambala and educated at the National School of Drama and the Film and Television Institute of India, Puri initially […]

  • The Walking Dead In Real. This Will Blow Your Mind.

    The Troaja   Every society in this world have their own customs and rituals while dealing with someone dead. There are number of beliefs associated with the death and reincarnation. Everyone believes different stuff. But out of all these societies, only Toraja society is the one famous for it’s tradition after death. The Toraja are […]

  • Watch: This Is The 360-Degree Circular Rainbow. It’s Amazing!

    Many of us might count ourselves lucky when we catch a glimpse of a ‘regular’ arc-shaped rainbow, so how would you feel if you saw a full 360-degree circular rainbow seemingly hanging in the sky right in front of you? This amazing apparition was captured by Brit Bernie Welch from Portsmouth on the south coast […]

  • Cabinet approves Rs 2,000-crore aid package for people displaced from Pakistan-occupied Kashmir

      The Union Cabinet on Wednesday approved a Rs 2,000-crore aid package for people displaced from Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, PTI reported. The package proposed by the Home Ministry will provide financial aid to 36,384 families, many of whom have been living in parts of Jammu and Kashmir since after Independence. A senior government official said that […]

  • North Pole

    North Pole heats up to 36 degrees above normal…

    North Pole heats up to 36 degrees above normal. While the thermometer is slipping as is should in most places, in the Arctic it’s actually rising, so much so that right now the average temperature is 36 degrees warmer than normal. After mid-October, ice growth returned to near-average rates at North Pole, but extent remained at record low […]

  • Indian PM Modi hits back at critics, says demonetisation ‘for larger good’

    Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Friday that demonetisation is “for the larger social good”, amid mounting criticism following his decision to withdraw all high-denomination banknotes from circulation. “The decision isn’t being criticised much (by the common man),” Modi said in a speech Friday, in which he praised citizens as “soldiers in this fight […]

  • This Crazy-Ass Skydiver Just Jumped From 7,600 Metres Without A Parachute

      An American skydiver has become the first person in the world to purposefully jump out of a plane at 7,620 metres (25,000 feet) without a parachute – and survive. Instead, 42-year-old Luke Aikins used a huge, 20-storey-high net to break his fall, after hurtling towards the ground at around 241 km/h (150 mph). The […]