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  • 2016’s Best TV Shows You Didn’t Watch

    Normally, if a full year went by and we’d missed some shows, we’d assume they simply weren’t worth our attention and there was a reason they never came up. Now, there’s just too much good TV out there for us to keep up with. Great seasons of shows come and go and we didn’t watch […]

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  • kaabil

    Netflix has no record of such a plan of suing Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil

    Netflix an online-streaming service provider has dismissed reports that they will sue actor Hrithik Roshan for alleged plagiarism. Earlier this week, several news reports stated that Hrithik Roshan’s upcoming thriller Kaabil bears similarities with Netflix’s original web-TV series titled Daredevil – both features visually-impaired central characters. On Friday, Netflix said they have no intention of […]


    We have the very first footage of the reboot of The Mummy franchise, and it looks pretty freaky. In the 16-second teaser, we see two cut-up clips of Nick Morton (played by Tom Cruise) claiming, “He saw her (“her” presumably being the evil mummified antagonist),” interspersed with scenes of a sarcophagus, Russell Crowe walking, and of course, […]

  • Biscuit Dunking Takes New Heights To Set World Record

    A 24-year-old man from Sheffield has become a Guinness World Record holder for completing the highest bungee dunk – diving from 73 metres above the ground to dunk a chocolate Hobnob into tea. Simon Berry’s technique involved clasping both wrists together like a diver, to get the required precision to dunk the tea. You can […]

  • Emilia Clarke joins the Han Solo spinoff movie

    Variety reports that Christopher Miller and Phil Lord’s Han Solo movie has added Emilia Clarke to its star-studded cast. The Game Of Thrones actress joins Alden Ehrenreich, who’s taking over the role of everybody’s favorite space scoundrel from Harrison Ford, and Donald Glover, who was recently cast as Lando Calrissian. Miller and Lord have been […]

  • ultimate ruler Akira Dragon Ball - Tumse Na Ho Payga

    Do you know about “AKIRA” -the Ultimate Ruler of the Dragon Ball World

    AKIRA —The Ultimate Ruler of the Dragon World- is a character based on author Akira Toriyama used to represent himself in appearances in his series, usually of a comedic nature. He takes the appearance of Akira Toriyama’s avatar “Robotoriyama” and makes several major appearances in Dr. Slump, and minor appearances in Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, […]

  • All about King of the 12 universes : Zen-Oh

    The Zen-Oh (全王 Zen’ō, literal meaning “All King”) is the king of the 12 universes, an entity that is above all living beings of all the universes. Appearance Zen-Oh has a very small, childlike humanoid figure. He has a rather blank expression on his face and has purple and blue stripes on his face as […]