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  • PayTM For Daily Shopping - Paytm Wallet by TN#P Media

    Stop Wasting Time in Banks And Use PayTM for Daily Shopping

    It’s been a really hard time for everyone to purchase things and items from the nearby grocery store or the ‘Karyana Store’. Since the PM Modi’s announcement, all the ₹500 and ₹1000 notes will not be usable, people need to exchange those for the new notes from banks or withdraw the new notes from ATMs […]

  • UPI

    Everything About India’s E-Payment Service : Unified Payments Interface(UPI)

    Unified Payments Interface (UPI) is a system that powers multiple bank accounts(of participating banks),several banking services features like fund transfer (P2P) ,merchant payments in single mobile application.[2] UPI was launched by National Payments Corporation of India with Reserve Bank of India‘s(RBI) vision of migrating towards a ‘less-cash’ and more digital society. Unified Payment Interface (UPI) […]

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  • Nokia D1C renders surface; Talks begin again

    Nokia is expected to make its return to the smartphone game in 2017. A non-compete clause in the Microsoft purchase of Nokia Devices & Services prevented Nokia from producing a new smartphone until the current quarter. Most talk has been about new Nokia branded handsets being launched some time in 2017. To that end, we’ve […]

  • 20 Best Google VR Games for your mobile handset

    Google Daydream View is here, and it’s the cooler younger sibling to Google’s still-hip but older and more affordable mobile VR headset, Cardboard. Here’s a quick refresher on Cardboard: it’s a low-cost, DIY virtual reality headset that anyone can build, with a software platform that makes it incredibly easy for app developers to add VR […]

  • Brillo OS : Google’s Operating System For Internet Of Things

    Internet of Things is the future, and every big tech companies are trying to become an integral part of this upcoming trend. Keeping this in mind, Google is developing an operating system for connecting all devices via the Internet. Google is expected to launch a new Android-based operating system that would be lightweight enough to […]

  • Medical Breakthrough: Brain Implant Allows Man To Feel Again

    The University of Pittsburg and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center has collaborated to create a groundbreaking experiment that helped a paralyzed man experience the sense of touch using a mind-control bionic arm. Nathan Copeland was only 18 when he had a car accident on a rainy winter night and was immediately diagnosed with tetraplegia, […]

  • US bans Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on all flights

    You can’t take it on any aircraft, even if the phone is turned off. In the wake of Samsung’s global recall of the Galaxy Note 7, the US has now banned the device on all aircraft, even if they’re turned off. Previously, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) only issued a warning to have passengers keep […]

  • Celebrating 25 Years of Linux Open Source Development

    Linux is now 25 years old, but it’s no hipster. It’s not chasing around Pokemon, and it’s not moving back in with its parents due to crippling student debt. In fact, Linux is still growing and evolving, but the core ideas of the Linux State of Mind remain the same. You see, Linux is much […]