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  • Actor Om Puri Dies After Suffering A Heart Attack

    Om Puri has died of a heart attack at the age of 66 – a sudden loss of one of Indian cinema’s most gifted actors, whose roles raged from raging intensity to side-splitting comedy. Born in Ambala and educated at the National School of Drama and the Film and Television Institute of India, Puri initially […]

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  • Disturbing Pictures That Reflect The Absurdities Of Modern Culture

    Many artists have created artwork to inspire deep contemplation, but Spanish artist Luis Quiles’ creations may be the most controversial yet as many of his illustrations center on the objectification of women, war and power, social media, religion, and the glorification of technology in the modern world. The following slide show presents some masterpieces created by Luis Quiles and […]

  • India overtakes UK to become world’s sixth largest economy

    India’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is set to surpass the United Kingdom for the first time in 150 years, Forbes said in a report on December 16. The Indian economy was set to overtake that of UK’s by 2020 but declining pound in the aftermath of the Brexit accelerated the economic relegation. India’s rapid economic […]

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    Two Billion-Year-Old Water Found in Canadian Mine

    Two Billion-Year-Old Water Found in Canadian Mine A team of University of Toronto geoscientists has made a discovery that could lead to a new understanding of ancient life on Earth and other planets: two billion-year-old water and  believed to be the oldest H2O ever found, in a mine in Timmins, Ont. Three years ago, these same researchers discovered […]

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    PM Narendra Modi a ‘feku’:Rahul Gandhi at Goa rally

    NEW DELHI: Congress vice -president Rahul Gandhi today addressed a rally in Margao,Goa. Rahul said that PM is harassing farmers. Further, Rahul said the government has divided the nations into two parts. The government is only for one percent’s uper rich ‘ people and ignoring the rights of the rest of 99% people. Beside this […]

  • Narendra Modi tops TIME’s Person of the Year online poll

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi topped the TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year Reader’s Poll on Monday. He had 18% of the votes when the polls closed on Sunday night, reported TIME magazine. Modi beat United States President Barack Obama, President-elect Donald Trump, Wikileaks’ Julian Assange, Democratic party candidate Hillary Clinton and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. […]

  • The Walking Dead In Real. This Will Blow Your Mind.

    The Troaja   Every society in this world have their own customs and rituals while dealing with someone dead. There are number of beliefs associated with the death and reincarnation. Everyone believes different stuff. But out of all these societies, only Toraja society is the one famous for it’s tradition after death. The Toraja are […]

  • Watch: This Is The 360-Degree Circular Rainbow. It’s Amazing!

    Many of us might count ourselves lucky when we catch a glimpse of a ‘regular’ arc-shaped rainbow, so how would you feel if you saw a full 360-degree circular rainbow seemingly hanging in the sky right in front of you? This amazing apparition was captured by Brit Bernie Welch from Portsmouth on the south coast […]

  • Cabinet approves Rs 2,000-crore aid package for people displaced from Pakistan-occupied Kashmir

      The Union Cabinet on Wednesday approved a Rs 2,000-crore aid package for people displaced from Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, PTI reported. The package proposed by the Home Ministry will provide financial aid to 36,384 families, many of whom have been living in parts of Jammu and Kashmir since after Independence. A senior government official said that […]