Category: History

  • Surprising Historical Facts That Will Change Your Concept Of Time Forever

    You probably should know these things didn’t happen anywhere near when you thought they did… Not everyone can be a world history master, especially when we tend to learn about it in specifically segmented classes like “European History” or “American Revolutionary History.” Maybe you have an exceptional grasp on the global historical timeline. But for […]

  • Care To Spend A Night…In A Giant Tomb?

    The French catacombs house secrets of the ages. In Paris, the subterranean tombs rest about fifty feet below the sewer system, and house a whopping six million dead people! Recently , the historic tombs have come under private control which has raised ire in some circles. Paris city officials, however, believe that the privatization will open […]

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  • 9 Of The Most Dangerous Secret Societies In The World

    There’s something about cults that pulls us towards them, isn’t there? Even if we’re not keen on joining them, they definitely get us curious enough to spend some time reading about them. Here are some of the most talked about secret societies that have been around the world. While most of these are incredibly dangerous, […]

  • Tiger Of Punjab : Sardar Udham Singh

    In the annals of anti-colonial revolutionary activity in India, the name of Udham Singh shines bright.Today is the 116th birth anniversary of Sardar Udham Singh. He is remembered chiefly as the assassin of Sir Michael O’Dwyer, the Lieutenant Governor of Punjab, often confused with Brigadier General Reginald Dyer, the perpetrator of the infamous Jallianwala Bagh […]

  • Today Google Is Celebrating Birth Anniversary Of Yoga Guru BKS Iyengar

    Google’s doodle today honours BKS Iyengar, one of the foremost Yoga teachers in India, on his 97th birth anniversary. Through a fun, animated doodle which features an old man identical to Iyengar flitting between different Yoga ‘asanas’ (postures) between the letters of G-O-O-G-L-E, the search engine giant said, “BKS Iyengar, it’s been said, could hold a […]

  • The Truth “Behind” MONA LISA

    When The Mona Lisa was created, many saw the amazing portrait to be one of the most beautiful and elaborate pieces of art work in human history. Painted by the famous Leonardo da Vinci, the painting was given to the King of France many centuries ago, which was then put permanently on display in the […]

  • Scans Suggest ’90pc’ Chance Of Hidden Chamber In King Tutankhamun’s Tomb, Experts Say

    Tutankhamun (/ˌtuːtənkɑːˈmuːn/; alternatively spelled with Tutenkh-, -amen, -amon) was an Egyptian pharaoh of the 18th dynasty (ruled ca. 1332–1323 BC in the conventional chronology), during the period of Egyptian history known as the New Kingdom. He is colloquially referred to as King Tut. His original name, Tutankhaten, means “Living Image of Aten“, while Tutankhamun means “Living […]

  • Google Doodle Celebrates Early Human Ancestor

    ’Lucy’ was the first Australopithecus afarensis skeleton ever found, though her remains are only about 40 per cent. Google Doodle on Tuesday celebrated the 41st anniversary of the discovery of the world’s most famous early human ancestor: the 3.2 million-year-old ape ‘Lucy’ ’Lucy’ was the first Australopithecus afarensis skeleton ever found, though her remains are […]