Bermuda Triangle Mystery Solved?

What actually is Bermuda Triangle?

Bermuda Triangle also known as the Devils triangle is a loosely defined area in the North Atlantic Ocean. A triangle formed by connecting Miami, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda. This 500,000 square miles Bermuda triangle is said to have claimed at least 1000 lives, 75 planes and hundreds of ships in the past 100 years. On an average 4 airplanes, 20 yachtes go missing every year. For decades this disappearance has become a mystery and many people attribute this to aliens or some other mystical forces.


But reputable sources don’t accept these claims. In fact, a lot of ships and planes travel through this area to connect to the ports of America. But why do a few ships and planes disappear? This has been an unsolved mystery and many scientists have come forward to give a possible explanation for this phenomenon. Many scientists have struck themselves to a natural explanation like human error, sudden variation is weather, Gulf Stream, methane hydrates and the list goes on.

Now scientists seem to have solved this mystery. Scientists have proposed a theory which can solve the mystery of the Bermuda triangle.

Hexagonal clouds theory

This theory is very simple and down to earth. Scientists claim that the hexagonal clouds that seem to have been formed due to the extreme weather conditions could have been behind the reason these disappearances. These hexagonal clouds when seen from a satellite imagery look like honeycomb structures. These hexagonal clouds which may extend up to an area of 55 square miles. They create “Air bombs” and can cause the winds to speed up to 170 mph. These wind speeds are capable of bringing down a plane and drowning a very large ship.

This theory can be explained as follows. Air bursts are formed because of microbursts inside the clouds. These microbursts comes down the cloud to create a blast of air. These blasts of air then hit the ocean with a high velocity. These blasts can create massive waves and these waves can sometimes become very massive that even the biggest ship cannot even handle.


Even though this explanation seems convincing because of the attribution to the natural forces, a lot of theories have been proposed in the past to explain the phenomenon of the Bermuda triangle. Earlier March this year scientists claimed to have found some craters which are about a mile wide and 100 feet deep into the water. This theory seemed a possible explanation for the explanation of this mystery. Further, it was also found that these hexagonal clouds which seem to have solved the mystery also appeared in many places outside the Bermuda triangle. Many ships which have successfully crossed the Bermuda triangle have sunk in their further voyage.


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