Gym mistakes to pull you off from your goal


Gym mistakes which can pull you off from your goal and these are very common which are hidden from our eyes.

Lets have look…….!!!

1.Not Maintaining A Workout Diary


“What gets measured gets improved”

If you can’t remember how many plates you actually put on barbell in the last workout, how will you challenge yourself for a new Record? So its better to have a perfect WORKOUT DIARY to earn more benefit in less time.

2.Using Your Phonegym

you aren’t serious, If you are capable enough of texting consistently while working out. Habe a worthy time while you are in gym. Get Focused and stay tight to you schedule without any distraction. Its suggested to put that phone in locker for god’s sake or simply, don’t bring that to the gym if you are serious.

3.Focusing More On Supplements And Less On Food


Supplements can help but definitely not more than a smartly planned diet meeting all your macronutrient requirements. If the only key to get build youself are supplements then every silver spoon guy will be a bodybuilder. :p.

4.Changing Training Plan Too Often


You don’t need to keep changing every two weeks in order to SHOCK your muscles. You have to stick to a program long enough to see results. Try changing your dietary habits and get adequate sleep. If you go on changing your plan round the clock then it will be a waste of time nothing else.

5.Doing Multiple Things at oncegym

You want to be big but don’t want to train heavy but at the same time want to be as strong as a strongman. Choose one and stick to it.

6.Not Hiring A Qualified Trainer


7.Training only for mirror muscle


Doing biceps and chest and all the forward, pushing muscles create an imbalance with an inadequate number of pulling moves. That means an imbalance occur only working out for your upper body not for your legs. Go on for a complete body exercise..

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